Animation helps contractors and customers stay safe

A new animation launched by the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum offers clear and practical advice to contractors and customers during emergency domestic work.

The short film outlines the precautions and operate-at-distance policies that the Forum has issued as guidance to protect everyone against COVID-19.

Entitled In This Together, the animation provides parameters during essential emergencies following recent Scottish Government instruction for all non-essential work to cease.

The theme of cooperation also echoes the strategic aims of the Forum itself, which now has 16 members from across the construction sector pulling together in the interests of the industry.

Anne Vessey, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) and Head of the CICV Forum Communications Sub-Group, said that the new film was open source and was designed to be shared by as many people as possible.

She said: “It has become very clear that we will only beat this devastating virus by co-operating, and the different members of the Forum have come together in a remarkable way to support a sector which itself supports so many different trades and skills.

“This concise animation clearly explains how we can all reduce risk of Coronavirus exposure when necessary emergency work or repairs have to be carried out in the confined spaces of the domestic environment.”

The animation advises that contractors:

  • Use the CICV Forum template to communicate and plan work
  • Check that no one in the work site has symptoms, and assure that contractors have no symptoms
  • Stand 2m apart and don’t shake hands
  • Wash hands during and after work, using their own towel
  • Wipe down all tools and instruments.

Ms Vessey said the film also emphasised how homeowners can also play their part by:

  • Opening doors and windows and staying in a separate room
  • Signing work off electronically
  • Using bank transfers, not cash, for payments.

The animation, which was developed by design agency Connect Communications, is now being shared widely across the construction sector.

Ms Vessey added: “This film is a further initiative in the Forum’s campaign to provide clarity and transparency to Scotland’s construction firms during the current pandemic emergency.”

The CICV Forum has already acted swiftly to help to end the uncertainty around which construction works can be undertaken and has issued guidance to companies to resolve the conflicting messages from the Scottish and UK Governments.